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Coal Transition in Jiu Valley, Romania

The Jiu Valley is laying the groundwork for life after coal.

During a meeting of the European Commission’s Coal Platform for Regions in Transition, six mayors from Jiu Valley, Romania signed a memorandum called the “Jiu Valley Partnership for Just Transition”. Following the efforts of NGOs Bankwatch and Greenpeace, this agreement underpins the future economic diversification away from coal mining in the region. 

A study launched by Greenpeace and Bankwatch had been released in an endeavour to facilitate this process. It presented alternative scenarios for economic development, with primary focus on three sectors: agriculture, industry and services. The implementation of these sectors can result in huge economic benefits for the region in the next decade, as shown below:

  1. Small-scale farming and animal raising 🡪 750 jobs and 88 million euros
  2. Renewables and energy efficiency 🡪 1520 jobs and 33 million euros
  3. Tourism and other services 🡪 434 jobs and 38 million euros

The study can be accessed through the link below:

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