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Why are corporate giants pulling out of thermal coal?

IEEFA: Fiduciary duty is driving financial change. A striking development has occurred in the world of corporate finance. The past few months have seen a string of corporations divest from thermal coal, starting with US investment giant BlackRock and extending to Japan’s Mizuho and the Norwegian Government Pension Fund.  

A trend is setting in and coal is being dumped all over the world.

Why? It’s economics. Coal is no longer a safe investment.

Bob Carr, Professor of Climate and Business from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) talks with IEEFA’s Tim Buckley, Director of Energy Finance Studies, Australia/South Asia.  

They explore the financial impetus behind the sudden move from coal and its implications across Asia and Australia.

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This podcast was first published by UTS.

Published by IEEFA 4th June 2020


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