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CQUni study finds coal mining ‘increasingly questionable’

CQ University researchers have found the coal mining industry’s lucrative pay packets will be overshadowed by negative long-term costs to regional communities.

Jeremy De Valck, Galina Williams and Swee Kuiki used a 31-year scenario to assess the benefits of the Bowen Basin’s 51 mines compared to if the area was used instead for livestock grazing or nature conversation.

“When only looking at the benefits of coal mining, this option generated 10 to 14 times more economic benefits than grazing and 800 to 3000 times more than nature conservation,” the article published in the Resources Policy journal stated.

“However, it also generated over 300 times more negative externalities than grazing.”

These included air, water and land pollution, increased house prices, accommodation shortages, income disparity and rent stress.

Read the full article published in The morning Bulletin published 18th march 2021

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