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Climate change scientist Tim Flannery says energy transition targets are critical for Hunter to avoid climate catastrophe

IT'S not the destination, but the journey which will be our undoing if we continue along our current trajectory towards catastrophic climate change, says climate scientist Professor Tim Flannery.

To avoid it, we need a whole-of-community transition, and targets are "critically important".

The alternative was to keep burning fossil fuels for a few more years, but it would cost us the planet, he said.

"Why should we forfeit our future just to burn fossil fuels for another few more years and deliver massive profits to some of the biggest polluting industries on the planet - there's no reason that has to happen."

Without change, we will trigger tipping points in the earth's climate system and produce some "very, very undesirable and unstoppable outcomes".

"Once the climate system is triggered into a new phase ... no matter what we do we'll be helpless, we won't be able to control that trajectory. So that's what we're trying to avoid. Action this decade is critically important.

Read the full article published in the Newcastle Herald 28th May 2022

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