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Help fix the Future Jobs and Investment Authority proposal

The NSW Government has finally committed to establishing Future Jobs and Investment Authorities (FJIA), for transitioning mining regions - but the proposed model is completely inadequate and overlooks several key areas.

It is underfunded, lacks decision-making power, and critically omits mine site rehabilitation as part of its remit. 

Luckily, the government is taking feedback on their proposal, can you email them today in your own words? You have until July 12th to get your feedback in.

Email the government now, including these tips from below on what needs to change for their proposed ‘Future Jobs and Investment Authorities’ (FJIA) model 

You can also review the government’s issues paper here to understand the proposed reforms.

Key points

  1. Empowered decision-making: The Authorities need to be the primary legislated authority to ensure timely and effective action, they need to be based in our region, independent from the mining sector and required to consult widely.

    The proposed structure involves 7 layers of bureaucracy. It’s incredibly complex and unwieldy and won’t be able to provide the clear direction and urgent action we need. The local authorities as proposed are simply a committee of stakeholders, with the mining industry with a key role.  Duelling stakeholders can’t help our region - we need an independent, place-based authority with power to act that is required to engage widely with our community.

  2. Correct cabinet placement: The Authority should be placed directly under the Department of Premier and Cabinet to ensure a comprehensive scope and oversight, with coordination across all relevant sectors and ensuring reforms align with broader economic and community development goals.

    The current proposal houses the authorities under the Minister for Resources which is inappropriate, given the need for a broader focus beyond resource extraction and management.

  3. Including Environmental Restoration: The model must include support for environmental restoration like mine site rehabilitation, landscape restoration and important community support programs - lest communities be left with festering environmental programs from mine sites.

    The Issues Paper omits critical functions such as mine site rehabilitation and landscape restoration, and community support programs. NSW Labor’s Policy Platform for 2023 committed to create regional transition authorities and stated that the functions of them would include “site rehabilitation for employment and conservation purposes”.  NSW Labor needs to make good on that promise.

  4. Proper funding: For Transition Authorities to be properly funded. To achieve their urgent work, their funding must be increased to $150 million per annum, or 5% of royalties income, ensuring immediate availability and equitable distribution. 

    The proposed annual funding of $25 million is grossly inadequate to meet the needs of transitioning regions.

You can ensure these critical issues are addressed by sending your feedback to the government today at this email address: 

[email protected]