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Hunter 2050 Foundation to drive economic diversification agenda for the Hunter

This is exciting news for the Hunter!

The Hunter Joint Organisation, with project partner AGL, is moving ahead with plans to form The Hunter 2050 Foundation, and organisation dedicated to guiding the economic diversification and transformation of the Hunter Valley.  

We couldn’t be more pleased.

Over the past six months the Hunter JO Sub-Committee on Economic Transition has consulted with a wide range of stakeholders across industry, governments, and civil society, including Hunter Renewal, to explore the pathways to accelerating diversification and managing long-term industrial change in the region.  

From our own consultations, we know that people all across the region with diverse interests and roles have a strong shared desire for the region to diversify the economy, safeguard the environment and nurture local people and connections.  We are optimistic that the Hunter 2050 Foundation will play an important role in achieving these goals and eagerly await the seal of approval from the Minister for Local Government, and the launch of a new future direction for our beautiful Hunter Valley.

The key focuses of the Foundation:

  • a specialised local investment and redevelopment agency and take a direct role in the industrial changes needed to transition the economy.
  • also support businesses and workers impacted by changes in the economy. Dedicated innovation and transition support services, built on successful models deployed in other regions of Australia, will ensure that supply chains and workers can begin to plan their future as key customers or employers close facilities.
  • provide a platform for better information, collaboration and agreement on the diversification strategy for the Hunter, building on the partnerships and collaboration that are growing in the region.

Read more about the Hunter 2050 Foundation here.

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