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Muswellbrook and Singleton mayors demand more help for post-Hunter coal as academics reveal concerns over 'just transition'

IN today's Power and the Passion instalments, reporter Donna Page investigates concerns about the much-discussed "transition" away from coal.

BLACK GOLD, BUT TAINTED: Mount Pleasant stockpile. Picture: Jonathan Carroll

Singleton mayor Sue Moore and her Muswellbrook counterpart Steve Reynolds are adamant the NSW and federal governments must do more to counter the economic, environmental and social pressures weighing on the region's most valuable - and ultimately divisive - industry.

From another perspective, a visiting academic from England's University of East Anglia, Associate Professor Gareth Edwards, is part of a team exploring the notions of the so-called "just (as in fair) transition".

Their tapping of the community mood suggests the word "transition" has become so poisoned as to be little more than a euphemism for job loss.

Not a popular finding, given how regularly "transition" promises are bandied about.

Read the full article published in the Newcastle Herald 7th May 2022

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