Energy analysts forecast 'the end of coal' in Asia

Australia’s largest export customer for thermal coal is scrapping plans to build power plants. Read more

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Hunter Valley residents want a transition plan

Communities in the New South Wales Hunter Valley need to apply more pressure to speed-up the process of transitioning from coal to renewables sources of energy. That was message being delivered at a summit held last month in NSW town of Singleton, a week before the announcement of plans to build a new coal-fired power station in the region.

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Hunter Valley calls for tougher renewable energy policies, ponders transition to a post-coal future

Communities in the New South Wales Hunter Valley need to apply more pressure to speed-up the process of transitioning from coal to renewables sources of energy.

That was message being delivered at a summit held last month in NSW town of Singleton, a week before the announcement of plans to build a new coal-fired power station in the region. ABC's Greg Miskelly reports

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Climate is changing, so are attitudes to coal

The winds of change are in the air, and they carry no coal dust.

Read Rob McLaughlin's opinion piece in the Newcastle Herald here


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Is there life after coal for the Hunter?

As many countries shift away from coal mining and the industry finds itself under increasing scrutiny, some in the Hunter are worried the region is running out of time to restructure its economy.  Listen here

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Coals uncertain future

We're transitioning away from coal, for the better.

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'3,500 miners laid off in a day': The dire warning these US coal miners have for the industry here

Carl Shoupe and his son Scott experienced firsthand the quick and devastating collapse of the mining industry in Kentucky, where during the downturn eight mines closed in one day. Now they're warning the industry in the NSW Hunter region to have a Plan B.


Read the full ABC News article here


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The end of coal in the Hunter is coming

Twenty years after the end of steel, the Hunter Valley stares at the end of coal. The signs have been there, but the ringing of the last drinks’ bell came on February 20 from Glencore, the valley’s biggest miner. Read the article in the Newcastle Herald here

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Lake MP Greg Piper says Hunter must prepare to transition away from coal

A plan by NSW independent MPs Alex Greenwich, Joe McGirr and Greg Piper to introduce an adjustment strategy for coal mining-affected communities will be launched on Sunday. The plan seeks to diversify regional coal dependent economies that are likely to be impacted by a falling demand for thermal coal The MPs, who have written to the Premier and Opposition Leader about the plan, have also called for the establishment of a transition authority.
Read about it here
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Here's How We Get Serious About Transitioning Away From Coal

The scientific consensus is clear: climate change is happening, making extreme climate events like heatwaves, bushfires, droughts, floods and severe storms regular occurrences. Across the globe governments are responding by transferring power generation to clean energy based on renewables, but NSW continues to lag behind, relying on coal power generation while doing little to help coal communities smoothly transition to new jobs and industries in the renewable energy sector.

NSW independent MPs Alex Greenwich, Joe McGirr and Greg Piper have released a policy to introduce a ten year adjustment strategy for NSW coal mining communities. Read about it here


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Hunter communities must embrace renewable transition to shape their future

On 20th February 100 people gathered in Singleton for the Hunter Renewal Summit to press the case for urgent transition. 

On a week where the world's biggest thermal coal exporter Glencore is talking about capping annual coal production at 2019 levels to "transition for a low-carbon economy" then we know we are living through changing energy times. Glencore's boss Ivan Glasenberg said we believe this transition is a key part of the global response to the increasing risks posed by climate change.

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Glencore moves to cap global coal output after investor pressure on climate change

Australia's largest coal miner Glencore has succumbed to shareholder pressure to take action to address climate change, and announced it will cap its global coal output.

Read the news here


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Community calls for urgent transition planning

Environmentalists campaigning for an orderly transition away from coal, say the Hunter must begin preparing now.

It comes amid figures from the mining industry’s peak body, showing it’s contributing billions to our economy, and employing thousands.

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What would a fair energy transition look like?

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten announced last week that a federal Labor government would create a Just Transition Authority to oversee Australia's transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. This echoes community calls for a " fast and fair " energy transition to avoid the worst impacts of climate change.

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'We're not going to have a plan': New report has grim warning for Australia's coal exports

Economists are predicting Australia's thermal coal exports to plummet faster than expected due to falling demand across Asia that appears permanent and irreversible.   A study by the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) found Australia's top four export markets — China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea — were shifting rapidly to renewables.

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Shock to the system: report warns time running out for planned Hunter coal transition

Declining NSW coal exports since 2015 to key markets in Japan, China, South Korea and Taiwan; a dramatic drop in new and proposed coal-fired power plants in those countries; striking moves from coal to renewables in the past few weeks by some of Asia's biggest banks, insurers and power plant developers, and increasing competition for reduced Asian coal markets were strong signs Australian coal exports face permanent decline, said energy analyst Tim Buckley in a report released today.

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Horses, vineyards should be off-limits to coal: poll

NEARLY two-thirds of people polled in the mining areas of Singleton and Muswellbrook say critical horse-breeding and wine growing areas of the Hunter should be off limits to coal mining. Support for a ban on mining in critical agricultural areas is even higher among people aged over 65, with 7 out of 10 people polled on September 27 saying horse-breeding, wine-growing and coal mining don't mix.

Read the full article here


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Why we need a world-class container port

Newcastle is proud to be the world’s biggest coal port, but we are also realistic about coal’s prospects. With the end of the mining boom and the need to transition to a more knowledge-based economy, the composition of Australia’s trade is changing. And much of this trade will be carried in containers.

Port of Newcastle's Professor Roy Green explains how opportunities for economic diversification in the Hunter will increase with a container terminal. Read the full article here


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Hunter needs to plan for a life after coal

Arguments over the future of the Carrington coal terminal reflect a much bigger question facing the Hunter region - how prepared are we for major changes in the coal industry? The world is changing. Hunter communities have sacrificed a lot for NSW's prosperity.

Read the full opinion piece by Steve Phillips in the Newcastle Herald here