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Post-Mining Regions in Central Europe - problems, potentials, possibilities

The Central Europe Programme, 2012

Structural change in mining districts is a complex process, challenging cities, regions and governments all over the world. It comprises economic, social, ecological, and cultural changes.

This volume deals with such regions in Central Europe. In Western Europe, the subject has been a concern of political discussion and scientific reflection for some 50 years. The debate has mainly focused on major coal and steel regions like North-East England and Wales (Great Britain), Wallonia and Limburg (Belgium), Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Lorraine (France), Ruhr and Saar (Germany), and Asturias (Spain). In the affected areas the end of mining has provoked the overall decline of industry. The impacts have been far reaching, bringing economic, social, and ecological crisis to vast regions.

Overcoming the shock has proved a protracted and painful process. Given the economic and political importance of the regions mentioned, regeneration has been a task of “national” importance, challenging governments, trade unions and big enterprises. Smaller mining regions have rarely attracted such attention, though the effects of decline have been no less drastic there.

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