Hunter Renewal

Hunter Renewal is a project to bring people, businesses, and organisations of the Hunter Valley together to envision a diverse, resilient, and thriving future for our region.

We want to reimagine the Hunter with new opportunities and a diversified and resilient economy that’s ready for a changing future.

We want a plan for the Hunter that will:

  • Nurture and grow new industries and new jobs.
  • Protect and advance our traditional sustainable industries.
  • Provide new opportunity and skills for young people in the region.
  • Make sure workers in the coal industry are given the opportunities they need to re-skill and transition to quality new jobs when coal mines and power stations wind down.
  • Rehabilitate our landscapes to provide clean water and productive country for generations to come.

Want to get involved? Sign up for updates here on our website (over there on the right), or get in touch:


  • Dan Coleman 

Hunter Renewal is a project of the Hunter Central Rivers Alliance of 40 community groups across the greater Hunter region.