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Hunter Renewal - envisioning a diverse, resilient, and thriving Hunter region for us and the next generations.

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After the Coal Rush, the Clean Up

The future of the Hunter Valley is in the balance: decisions made now will determine the viability of the region’s communities and environments for many decades to come.

The coal industry has dominated the physical, social, and economic landscape of the Hunter for generations, but it's reign is coming to an end. The Hunter economy, people and landscape are moving toward a post-coal future. The question is, how well will we manage it? Read More...

Transforming Mining Land in the Hunter Valley



The Hunter is Australia’s largest regional economy, with strong foundations in mining, agriculture, defence and broad-based services. While the region has undergone significant structural change over the past three decades, it now faces another major adjustment as economies lower emissions and reduce their requirements for coal.

Across the Hunter, 17 mines are due to close over the next 20 years. These closures are likely to involve major economic challenges, with new industry developments and employment needing to be found. Read more...