Hunter Renewal

Roadmap for Renewal
Communities in the Hunter region can prosper regardless of declines in the coal industry. We created a roadmap to get us there.
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The Hunter is facing big changes over the coming decades, and we need decisions about the future to be made with the community, for the community.
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Check out our videos of past events and webinar recordings to get up to speed on the Hunter Renewal campaign.
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Local and Vocal
People, businesses, councils and organisations are talking about the urgent need to plan for a new, diverse, and resilient economic future for our region.
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For Business
With so many businesses in the region dependent on the coal sector, the impact of a transition will be widely felt. It’s critical that small businesses are aware of the risks & prepare for change.
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Community Transition
All around the world coal communities are facing the challenges of transition. The Hunter Valley can draw on and learn from their experiences.
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