Following the Hunter Renewal summit in February 2019, when 100 people came together to talk about the region’s future, a Hunter Renewal Working Group was established to lead Hunter Renewal.

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  • Webinar: How can Government leadership create a sustainable Hunter Valley?

    Tuesday, September 08, 2020 at 05:30 PM
    ZOOM - online webinar

    We’ve heard about the viable green industries and the green jobs potential for the Hunter Valley. But what about the politics? Too often it’s only politics that blocks progress. Yet, encouragingly, state and local leaders have begun to lay the foundational steps of a region-wide transformation. 

    Hear about the government initiatives already underway to guide the region through a transition away from coal. And while we will focus on the positives, we’ll also discuss the gaps between where we are and where we need all levels of  government to be, to guide a just and orderly transition of the Hunter economy.


    Hear from: 

    Alex Greenwich MP and Chair of the Legislative Assembly Committee on Environment and Planning - Inquiry into the sustainability of energy supply and resources in NSW

    Joe James CEO, Hunter Joint Organisation. Together with project partner AGL, the Hunter Joint Organisation is establishing the The Hunter 2050 Foundation to lead economic diversification and transformation for the Hunter.

    Jonathan Wood Sustainability Advantage Program, Climate Change & Sustainability, DPIE




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