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Call to diversify economy and depend less on mining

A NEW economic report has found regional communities are in need of support to diversify their economy so they are less dependent on mining and more resilient to "external shocks".

The Next Economy will today release its new economic report, What Queensland Wants, following a year-long consultation process with industry, government and community representatives across regional Queensland.

The report reveals big and bold ideas to create new jobs and investment opportunities in a low-carbon economy. In a full section devoted to the sector, it noted mining was the most controversial topic explored during the consultation activities.

Among the recommendations from those consulted was a need for a diversification of regional economies to ensure they were less dependent on mining.

The report also called for the development of a transition plan to manage the shift from coal to renewable energy generation and to support workers and the community with training and new employment.

Read the full article published in THE Observer 20th August 2020

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