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Is your business prepared for change?

This page is for everyone in the Hunter that owns or is part of a business.

The Hunter is Australia's largest regional economy, while at the same time being one of the least diversified. 20.8% of the total value add of the region can be traced to the mining sector, compared to just 3.3% nationally.*

In the Hunter, the overwhelming majority of mining relates to thermal coal. As we saw in the 2013/2014 mining downturn when the local coal mining sector sneezes the entire Hunter economy catches a cold. From the direct impact on the likes of engineering and fabrication businesses, through the downstream business economy to the local takeaway, hairdressers, and even the property market - very few businesses were unaffected.

It is well accepted that the Hunter’s current dependency on the coal industry makes us particularly vulnerable in the event of a sustained downturn in demand for coal, whether domestically or internationally.

We have created a short survey designed to help you identify your preparedness for a likely transition away from coal. If your business profile indicates that you are at risk we have provided you with links to helpful resources and organisations that might assist you.

Take our Survey here

Along with many industry experts, at Hunter Renewal we believe that a transition away from coal is no longer an if, but a when.

With so many businesses in the region being dependent directly or indirectly on the coal sector, the impact of a transition from coal will be widely felt. It is critical that everyone in the Hunter, especially small businesses, are aware of the risks they are exposed to when the likely transition happens.

Our focus is on creating more opportunities, jobs, and industries for workers affected now and for generations to come. We want to support and connect locals in the Hunter to have a say in the future planning for our region, and minimise the risks to our communities and livelihoods.

Find available resources by clicking on the sliders on top of the page or through our

Resources page 


* NSW Parliamentary Research Service, Transitioning communities dependent on coal mining in NSW, Briefing Paper 1/2021