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Hunter coal exports under threat from Chinese Government's shift from away from offshore coal projects

China's decision to stop funding overseas coal projects represented a potential threat to the Hunter's multi-billion dollar coal export industry, NSW Environment and Energy Minister Matt Kean said.

NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean said the Chinese announcement should be seen as a warning signal for the industry, which injected $6.2 billion into the Hunter economy last financial year.

"We need to face the reality that the future of the coal industry in the Hunter is not going to be determined by domestic policy makers. It is going to be determined by the decisions of foreign governments and mining companies," he said.
Matt Kean

 Matt Kean

"What we saw yesterday was a huge market for our coal potentially come under threat.

"My view is that we should continue to export as much coal as we can while the markets are demanding that product but we also need to prepare for a future where those international markets will be demanding cleaner ways to power their economies with materials built with cleaner inputs to build their economics."

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