Hunter Renewal 2020 Webinar Series

Building the Hunter's Future Webinar June 3, 2020

This webinar is the first step in a series of activities that we hope will bring together researchers, workers, business and the broader community. Cooperation and participation are going to be crucial for the Hunter’s renewal. 

The Hunter Renewal project has been going for three years, but we’ve got a feeling things are about to start moving very quickly for our region. 

In this webinar we'll explore:

  • What do Hunter Valley people want? Reflections from Dr Rebecca Colvin of the ANU Crawford School for Public Policy on public attitudes to the region’s future;
  • What can the Hunter Valley build? Dramatic new findings from Beyond Zero Emissions about new job potential from low-carbon industry;
  • How can we build it? An outline from Joe James, CEO of the Hunter Joint Organisation on how we can build it; and
  • Who will build it? Reflections from Steve Murphy, NSW Secretary of the Australian Manufacturing Workers Union on the history and future of working people in the Hunter.


Transforming Industry & Jobs in the Hunter Webinar 21 July, 2020

The Hunter Valley has a transformational opportunity to retool after COVID-19 and create new, multi-billion dollar manufacturing, recycling and waste innovation sectors for the region, creating tens of thousands of green jobs in the process.
We can use this moment of economic uncertainty to shift our path towards sustainable jobs and growth, away from continued reliance on the sunset coal industry. The technologies are all here, all we need is the political will.

In this webinar we hear from prominent researchers about some of our biggest opportunities and 
what can be done to help make them a reality.
Download the presentations:

Dr Dominique Hes and Sam Mella, Beyond Zero Emissions
Million Jobs Plan - Hunter Opportunities

Tony Wood, Grattan Institute
Start with Steel in the Hunter

Clark Butler, Ironbark Group
Renewable Aluminium in the Hunter 

Tim Askew, 
Hunter Joint Organisation
Hunter Circular Economy