New Zealand plans a just transition to a low emissions economy

The New Zealand Government has established a Just Transitions Unit to help share and coordinate the work of transitioning New Zealand to a low emissions economy. Read more

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We can't ignore these coal miners warning

The coal companies told us they're going to be there forever - but we all know the end of coal is coming. We have to get in front of it!

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Coal Communities Struggle to Diversify - learning from Shanxi and Wyoming

As domestic and international demand for coal drops, Wyoming coal companies are cutting employee benefits or laying off workers. In 2015, Wyoming experienced the highest U.S. unemployment spike. In the following year, approximately 500 coal miners were laid off in one day. With many coal communities facing financial collapse, Wyoming industries, governments, and workers are searching at home and abroad for models for diversifying their local economy.

In coal-dependent communities in Shanxi and Inner Mongolia, where almost half of all coal mines were “suspended or partially suspended,” the energy transition has been particularly difficult for older workers. Facing layoffs, these workers seek the same solution as miners in Wyoming: a just transition.  Read more

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Canada will transition from thermal coal production and use by 2030

The Just Transition Task Force for Canadian Coal Power Workers and Communities looks at how to make it a just transition.

See what they’ve learnt:

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Voices of the Valley shares its plans for Latrobe Valley's future

It could be suggested that a grassroots plan for a post-coal future was heard in the corridors of State Government. The announcement of a $40 million 'Hi-Tech' precinct in Morwell to diversify the region's economy into new industries is similar to a plan devised by advocacy group, Voices of the Valley. 

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Surviving a post-coal economy

In Hazard, Kentucky, a diversified economy is emerging.

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Coal-fired power plants are closing early and Colorado lawmakers want to ease towns’ tough transition

The Colorado Energy Impact Assistance Act - a bill working its way through legislature under the title of House Bill 1037 - would provide funds and at the same time lower the financial impact of power-plant closures on utility customers. Read more

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Carl Shoupe on Appalachia's Bright Future

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Germany to move ahead quickly on implementing coal exit

BERLIN (Reuters) - Germany's ruling coalition will move quickly to begin implementing the recommendations of a government-appointed commission for exiting coal power by 2038, Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told German broadcaster ARD on Sunday.

Read the full article here


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Lessons for Appalachia’s Post-coal Economy

Lessons for Appalachia's Post-coal Economy - Our World

For all the pandering to the coal industry that took place during campaign season, a casual observer could be forgiven for coming away with the belief that coal is still the most powerful economic and political force in the Appalachia region of the United States.

Read the full article written by Brooke Jarvis here


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